Jobs for new residents to Sweden

For Ukraine - Let AI find you a job!

Swiftly wants to express deep sadness in regards to the current situation in Ukraine and we are committed to helping people who have recently arrived in Sweden as a result of this crisis. A great place for each of us to start in helping them to feel welcome and supported is by helping everyone to quickly find jobs and a sense of normalcy.

Swiftly is a Platform-as-a-Service that uses AI and a data-driven approach to find people their dream jobs in an unbiased ecosystem. In this, a huge focus for us has been placing talent with international experience and backgrounds. Our AI allows us to scan across the entire market on behalf of our candidates across hundreds of different companies, striving to find each of you the perfect job and fast-track the path to interview.

If you are affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and looking for opportunities in Sweden for the long or short term, you can count on us to provide efficient and personalized assistance.

Swiftly ❤️ Ukraine

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