Recruitment no longer has to be so expensive

Say goodbye to expensive commissions. Let Swiftly’s inbuilt ATS system find candidates for you. Create a free job ad on Arbetsförmedlingen and our AI will pick it up for you.


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Swiftly ❤️ Ukraine and are here to help. Click on the button to get prompt assistance.

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What makes us different


No secret fees

No need to pay a commision or buy an ATS system. Swiftly offers you an inbuilt ATS system so you can focus on finding the right talent.

Up to date job posts

Our database will take your job post directly from Arbetsförmedlingen and any changes you make will be updated with each nights refresh.


Unbiased selection process

No matter if you are an established company, a start-up or a unicorn you are welcome to join Swiftly.

Skills based matching

Our algorithm will propose you candidates that have been matched according to the desired skills of your job post. You can also fine tune your requirements during the process.


How it works

1. Log into your dashboard

Step 1

2. Define your criteria

Step 2

3. Let Swiftly find you the perfect candidate

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